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For about two years he had a stable life, living off public assistance, gambling infrequently, and playing the occasional lottery ticket. Then Kane called to tell him about a bug he’d found in video poker. Nestor drove to the airport that night and camped there until the next available flight to Las Vegas. To understand video poker addiction, you have to start with the deceptively simple appeal of the game.

  • Benefits are significant, especially when the rounds on the slot machines are free, increasing the already high payout.
  • Every Game King on the planet running a vulnerable version would need a patch.
  • The Suncoast Hotel and Casino reported a man named Kevin won nearly $15.5 million from one of its slot machines Thursday night.

He was eventually caught, and he served two years in prison. He confiscated the logic trays and packed them up for the trip back to headquarters. But it all began to unravel the night Kane found himself waiting for a payout at the Silverton.

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Without an upper legal limit on payout returns, casino operators in Nevada can offer the occasional slot machine which, on average, wins. Of course, casinos would lose money on slot machines set up this way.

Respectable payouts that might once have satisfied Kane were garbage now. “If you had a million dollars, what 10 things would you do? He wanted Nestor to make a list and really think through his priorities. On July 3, 2009, he walked alone into the high-limit room at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine called the Game King. Six minutes later the purple light on the top of the machine flashed, signaling a $4,300 jackpot. Kane waited while the slot attendant verified the win and presented the IRS paperwork—a procedure required for any win of $1,200 or greater—then, 11 minutes later, ding ding ding!

Lady Luck

Quite likely, someone won big on one of these $25 denomination slot machines. Under Statistics & Publications, you’ll find an entry for Gaming Revenue Report with PDF files available for download. Later in this post, I’ll share some recent experiences from my fan base regarding candidate winning slot machines in Las Vegas for your consideration. But knowing they exist, and why they exist, is a necessary first step to finding them.

vegas slots

It explained why the bug had failed them everywhere but at the Fremont. High rollers and slot aficionados often have favorite game variants or features that aren’t available by default but can be enabled by any passing slot attendant. He’d been switching between game variations and racking up a modest payout. But when he hit the Cash Out button to take his money to another machine, the candle lit at the top of the Game King and the screen locked up with a jackpot worth more than $1,000. Kane hadn’t even played a new hand, so he knew there was a mistake. He told a casino attendant about the error, but the worker thought he was joking and gave him the money anyway. Play by the rules and the one-armed bandits will still win.

Loosest Slot Game Ever! A Real Winner!

G2E also highlighted some new slot machine technology and unique themes that may or may not be in casinos on your next visit. Fingers are definitely crossed for the Taco Tuesday slot machine. Most of the casino employees also visit the expo hall to look for new games and other goods for the casinos.

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